Investment Opportunities:

If you are the owner or controlling partner of an investment opportunity, realize that self-directed retirement accounts may represent a major source of capital for the investments you sponsor.

It’s not easy, but it is simple! Develop your own personal bank to expand your business…look to Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) Investors! SDIRA Investors can fund your projects, if you approach them with a great business plan.

Visit our frequently asked questions page specific to Self-Directed IRAs to understand SDIRA Investment Concepts and contact us with your questions, and to gain access to funds for your projects.


Given the downturn of the economy, more investors are looking for alternatives for their retirement account investments. Many investors have not been aware that they can invest in alternative assets with their IRA, but awareness of this option is becoming more mainstream.

Investors can diversify their investment portfolios and receive the same tax-deferral for their IRAs that they would with stocks or bonds, and the same tax-free capital gains for their Roth IRAs.

Using Retirement Funds as Capital

Retirement account funds cannot be used for discretionary expenses—the funds are strictly for investing or asset-related expenses.

Here are a few of the advantages of tapping the IRA market as a source of capital:

∙ More than $4.2 trillion exists in IRAs as of 2010
∙ This money is set aside by IRA owners strictly for investing
∙ More than $250 billion flows into IRAs yearly, as those retiring rollover their retirement plans
∙ Only about 3% of money in IRAs is invested outside the publicly-traded stock and bond market
∙ Unlike taxable investments, Self-Directed IRAs offer investors tax-deferred or tax-free growth

How The Advancement Group Can Help


Educate yourself about investing in alternative assets with self-directed retirement accounts. We educate professionals and investors interested in all aspects of self-directed retirement account investing.

We offer comprehensive education through our online certification process, as well as on-site educational events scheduled throughout the year at destination resorts around the world.

Funding Partners

We can make your funding requests known to a wide variety of funding partners who are actively seeking viable funding opportunities.

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