Ruben Ledesma Jr.

Ruben Ledesma, Jr.
Managing Member, The Advancement Group, LLC

Ruben formed The Advancement Group, LLC, in 1991, and has been the principal of the firm since its formation.

In the past ten years Ruben has worked with industry experts in the field of Self-Directed IRA’s and has been recognized as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with regard to Self-Directed IRA’s. For over 24 years, he has been blessed to acquire considerable insight through experience.

For transparency, Ruben is not a custodian, an administrator, a licensed securities agent or an attorney.

For IRA Beneficiaries, Ruben facilitates education and real estate secured investments. As a hard money lender, Ruben develops relationships with Capital Investment Partners and IRA Beneficiaries to fund asset based loans. Asset based loans typically achieve aggressive return on investment yields.


  • Marketing Self-Directed IRA investment concepts and strategies
  • Teaching Self-Directed IRA investment concepts and strategies
  • Facilitating the formation of the IRA, LLC with checkbook control for sophisticated beneficiaries
  • Performing due diligence necessary to ensure the feasibility and security of the investment opportunity
  • Rehab/Project management
  • Material and labor cost verification
  • Site inspection for payment of draws
  • Knowledge of real estate law (no practicing on Ruben’s part), including the foreclosure and bankruptcy processes
  • Hard money lending and permanent financing
  • Development of debt structure and exit strategy
  • Full loan process from application to funding

Ruben enjoys educating and helping his clients to achieve aggressive returns without the volatility or fluctuations associated with stock and mutual fund investments. Consistent returns on investment are what Ruben strives to offer his clients. He uses real estate secured investments to achieve these results.

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