The Advancement Group, LLC
The Advancement Group, LLC was established by Ruben Ledesma, Jr. in 1991 to assist in the facilitation of secured investment strategies that ensure a higher return on investment for its clients. Since that time, millions have been successfully invested, yielding consistently high returns, even through the down-turned economy.

Often, Funding Partners and IRA Beneficiaries find themselves with under-performing investment portfolios. The Advancement Group provides an alternative to under-performing portfolios through education. We provide the knowledge to help you direct your own investments and choose investment opportunities to achieve aggressive and fixed investment yields.

The investment opportunities The Advancement Group offers include:
Real Estate Secured Loans (First Lien)
Trust Deeds (First Lien)
Short Term, Bridge & Hard Money Loans
Property Tax Loans & Tax Lien Purchases
Tax Deed Purchases
Healthcare Professional Service & Funding Programs
Oil & Gas Investments
Working Capital, Lines of Credit & Contract Financing
Invoice Factoring
and many more

For Real Estate Investors/Borrowers, The Advancement Group provides hard money lending that offers short-term, asset based loans. Real Estate Investors/Borrower are often unable to secure loans because bank underwriting guidelines. An asset based loan is a loan program that considers the after repair value of the property to be used as collateral and the Real Estate Investor/Borrower is asked to demonstrate his/her experience and abilities to reach his/her exit strategy. The interest rate is typically higher and the average loan term is typically six to twelve months. The short loan term is acceptable because the exit strategy is to refinance to a lower interest rate or the asset is to be sold. Either exit strategy will pay off the asset based/hard money loan.

As the diagram below shows, we assist our clients in moving their retirement account funds to a Self-Directed IRA from which they maintain checkbook control over their own investments. Once this is in place, The Advancement Group either assists you in facilitating the strategic investment of your funds, or teaches you the process of finding, assessing and deploying secured investments.

The choice is yours, active with complete understanding of the process, or passive with fundamental understanding and reliable guidance. In either case, you will have access to all the resources you need.

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